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About Us

What is NDT and How is it Used in the Inspection Process? 

NDT, or Non-Destructive Testing, is a Quality Control inspection process used to detect manufacturing defects in industrial machinery. Companies that machine, fabricate, weld, print, cast, or forge metal, utilize NDT to find manufacturing defects.  

Think of aircraft engine and power generation components, oil & gas pipes and couplings, automotive crankshafts and control arms, medical implants, railroad wheels – any product made from metal or cast aluminum would cause severe damage if a failure occurred – all of these require NDT.  

Who is Magna NDT and What Do We Do? 

Companies need NDT to prevent bad parts from shipping to customers. When parts with manufacturing defects ship to customers, it leads to bad reputations, potential liability claims, and probable lost revenue/business.  

My name is Jon Beasey and as Magna NDT’s founder, I have 30+ years of experience in aircraft engine quality control and related consumables distribution. My experience equips me with the ability to increase your company’s probability of detecting potential flaws.  

Magna NDT is here to improve your quality control measures, inspection processes, and NDT efficiency. We are proud to serve businesses in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, and more.

Magna NDT ensures that your business or your clients are making the highest quality products possible. Shop our state-of-the-art NDT products below to discover how we can help your business catch more defects than ever before!

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