NDT is Non-Destructive Testing.  NDT is a Quality Control inspection process.  Companies that machine, fabricate, weld, print, cast, or forge metal, utilize NDT to find manufacturing defects.  Think aircraft engine and power generation components, oil & gas pipes & couplings, automotive crankshafts and control arms, medical implants, railroad wheels – any product made from metal or cast aluminum would cause severe damage if failure occurred – require NDT.

Companies need NDT to prevent bad parts from shipping to customers.  Bad parts shipped leads to bad reputations, potential liability claims, and probable lost revenue/business. My 30+ years’ experience in aircraft engine quality control and related consumables distribution as well as a decade of focused NDT business leadership, equip me to increase your company’s probability of detecting potential flaws.  I want to help your company improve as well.  If you’re interested then Magna NDT is the solution.

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30+ years in NDT / Quality Control related disciplines. Readily available to relate solutions to applications.


Centrally located to serve the US Midwest, primarily in OH, IN, KY, & WV.


Providing most comprehensive and proven liquid penetrant and magnetic particle materials, equipment and accessories, aqueous cleaners, and ultrasonic couplant; the tools to ensure quality control and process capability.


Magna NDT LLC is a Midwest USA regional distributor of Quality Control Inspection products, and Additive Manufacturing powder.  Our purpose is to provide improved process value to our customers through superior products, operational excellence and awesome customer service.  Magna NDT aligns with industry leaders sharing our credo of honesty, integrity, a commitment to innovative solutions, and to lead in the moment…always appreciating the opportunity to find the best solution to serve customers’ application.


Magna Corporation formed

The Magna Corp. was initially formed in 1961 by Mr. Jim Rahe.  Jim and later his daughter Jenny, diligently served and distributed the highest quality NDT chemicals, equipment, accessories.  Industries reaped the benefits of a dedicated and committed supply chain with exceptional customer focus.

Magna NDT acquisition

Magna NDT LLC acquired Magna Corp. intending to aggressively expand capabilities by providing additional service offerings and other creative solutions.  Magna NDT will continue to vigorously support customers with the most comprehensive and proven liquid penetrant and magnetic particle materials, equipment and accessories, aqueous cleaners, and ultrasonic couplants; the tools to ensure quality control and process capability.  Magna NDT’s 30+ years’ experience in quality control, distribution and NDT, equip us to increase your company’s probability of detecting potential flaws.




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